I started Networkrr.com as a way to provide content and resources for entrepreneurs, independent professionals and small business owners all over the globe. What I have discovered from my own personal growth is that I learn best and get amazing results when I can learn from others. Being able to find out what is currently working for other successful businesses and being able to implement those ideas, strategies, methods and discoveries others have found helps my business grow. I hope that what you can find all kinds of useful content here will help you to develop your business, gain new clients and make more money.

My job is to go out and “network” and find those who are successful and get them to share how they became successful and to find out how they did it. When someone can gain the inside information of successful small business owners, I believe this increases the chances for our success.

On that note… If by chance you are on my about me page because I contacted you for an interview or because I want to learn more about how you grew your business, then now you know why.

Ultimately, as the traffic to this website grows and the more entrepreneurs that can hear your story, creates an opportunity to help other people and create more awareness to your brand.

To me networking is about making contacts, developing relationships and being able to get referrals from those. So I consider this the online version of networking for me. This is also a chance for you to do a write up about your business, talk about the product or service you provide and most importantly the solution your clients, customers or patients are able to achieve from your services or products. I am also challenging all small business owners in the USA to answer the following question if you wish to submit a post to us and have it published here. And that question is: “Why should someone do business with you?”

Write your best pitch and I would really love to read about it. Search this website for more information about writing a post for us. If the above question is difficult to answer or it takes a long time to come up with a reply to that, you may want to re-consider your mission statement.

This website contains a lot of information that you can use to improve your business, advertising and marketing ideas, managing a business, what others are doing and a whole lot more. Most of our content may be accessible from the home page or use the search bar feature.

Please don’t be a stranger and use the support button – tab to contact me if you have a question, comment or concern.