Welcome to networkrr.com a place to not only have the chance for your small or medium sized business to be found online by new prospects, but to also to learn and discover what other local small businesses are doing to be successful! We offer the services of our website to help your business grow…

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I am offering you the opportunity to tell us your story, we want to hear about all about your business and the products or services you may offer. Visitors and other members of the website will be able to easily discover your company or practice. A lot of the traffic to this site is via several social media channels, out advertising efforts and via the search engines.

Additionally, this month we are looking for very successful business owners and entrepreneurs to conduct an online video interview with. This would be a video style interview over the internet.

If you are located in North Texas I’d like to meet with you in person, visit your business and conduct a casual on conversational interview.

Use the contact button to reach us if you have questions or want to know more about what we offer. Also, be sure to explore our entire website because it contains really amazing information that you can use for your business.

Here’ what really interesting with online marketing and small business owners… A majority of local businesses out there are either struggling, are frustrated or just do not have time to perform those tasks that are necessary for a successful online marketing campaign. Using Instagram for Small Businesses is a great way to get a following and more customers.

To be successful online really does not come automatically and it is a lot of hard work. Even if you think you can take the easy road and just buy ads from a major search engine, that will also take time to learn how to implement successfully. Otherwise you’ll just burn through hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a week trying to utilize pay per click advertising.

Unless you or your marketing guy knows what they are doing, I suggest stay away from that type of advertising medium until an advance skill level is achieved in obtaining successful results.

So to make a long story short, there’s certainly a learning curve to advertising and marketing your local business online via the internet.

Truthfully told… Not only is there so much that needs to be learned and understood but to make matters even more difficult is that everything related to the internet and technology is constantly changing by the week. What might of work a few months ago, may not work now. But as resourceful as we are we know what is changing and adapt right away.

If you own a small business of some sort, are an entrepreneur, run a practice or are an independent professional then YES, there is somebody online somewhere maybe even right now looking for what your offer. They are in need of your solution.

At networkrr.com, we will help provide you with that necessary online exposure for your business, but in a new and amazing way. These are methods not yet currently main stream in the online small business marketing realm.

The opportunity being presented here is known as 1st mover advantage. In other words if you desire to have your business featured on our site, it will be done in a fun way that that will capture a new audience (prospects) for your business, hold their attention and get them to take action.

To gain access to our services simply start with the homepage. It has been intentionally created as a mega menu. All of our services are listed there as well a bunch of small business marketing resource articles and other information you should take a moment to check out. There is a lot of marketing opportunities being offered here, so that your company can start getting its fair share of new clients, customers and even new patients.

Please take some time and look over everything we provide. I can personally assure you that there is something here that will help you make more sales. I designed it that way. I’m telling you, this stuff works and is highly converting which good for all of us business people who want to promote our services, products or special offers.

If this is brand new to you the best way to find out more about this is to watch my channel now. What I do, engages an audience and I get (followers) subscribers.

Other popular social network methods are Instagram and Facebook. With Instagram, simply post photos and do your best to get followers. With Facebook… I’m on the kind of on the sideline with that due to their edge-rank algorithm that limits ones online exposure unless you pay to play. We are currently testing response rates to that from my personal profile.

Anyway way be sure to subscribe to all of our social networks so you can be updated with the most useful information to help you and your business online advertising and marketing initiatives.