Here are the most faq’s for Networkrr.Com

Q: What is your website about?

A: Please read the http://www.networkrr.com/about-us

Q: Can I submit an article or a post about my business or company?

A: Yes. It must be a real business such as a local mom and pop, brick and mortar, successful entrepreneur, independent professional, business or real estate developer and anyone who has an amazing story of success or rags to riches story to share.

Q: When you interview someone, why do you always ask how much money they or their company makes?

A: Because for the successful entrepreneur we all love to hear about the end result! Right? It also provides us with a gauge to the income potential in a given niche or industry. This could be just enough information for someone to determine if it is a niche worth pursuing in their local market.

Personally I love knowing how much money someone makes as it motivates me to get out there and bust my ass so I can try to match it or make more. If it ain’t about the money, it ain’t about me!

Q: I hear that you will be launching a highly optimized s.e.o business directory. What is this about?

A: If you are not keen on developing your own website (which by the way without traffic is worthless) why not get a listing on our website that will contain all of the information that a potential prospect will need to make a decision to contact you when they view it. More over, we will also do all of the work that it takes to make sure your directory listing gets seen on the major search engines. No one else is doing this. Contact me via support for more information. I do not want to reveal to much yet.

Q: Can I view you or your website via social media?

A: Yes. Just click the social media buttons on this page. Not only that but comment, like, share, ECT when you do. Because I will also social engage with you, which intern will bring more exposure to you, your brand or business! This is all about online networking.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are in the largest suburb of Dallas TX. What I really like about this area is that there is a huge entrepreneurial spirit here. There are no shortages of successful people in this city. It is really on fire right now.