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How To Advertise on Facebook Groups

When it comes to social media marketing for local small businesses and entrepreneurs, Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla. I know you probably heard otherwise but this is the absolute truth. If you’re serious about social media marketing at any kind of level, you need to pay attention to Facebook. In particular, take a long hard look at the functionality on Facebook. So here’s how to use Facebook groups for social media marketing that knocks out results!

facebook group marketing logoA lot of people think that the best way market on Facebook is to build a credible fan page. I’m not arguing with this tried and proven strategy. The problem is, Facebook has changed its algorithm so many times that whatever reach that you were able to achieve with a Facebook fan page in the past, is often impossible now. It so active in pushing people to paying for exposure on their platform that they have essentially scaled down the reach and power of Facebook pages. Basically you can pay to play to build an audience or a following or just forget about it.

These pages are effective. Don’t get me wrong. But you have to turbocharge Facebook pages’ marketing ability; otherwise, you’re just playing the FB marketing game wrong. You’re just going to be settling for a tiny fraction of the results that you could otherwise be enjoying. What follows is a discussion on how to use Facebook groups for effective social media marketing.

I’m going to instruct you to use the groups in conjunction with Facebook pages. This is not an article that pits pages against groups. You have to use a combination strategy. You can’t just focus on groups at the expense pages and vice-versa. It’s not going to work out if you do that.

Facebook pages help you in a wide range of ways

As I mentioned previously, I’m not throwing Facebook pages out of my social media marketing mix and neither should you. However, you have to have a clear understanding of what its benefits and limitations are. Make no mistake about it. FB pages can help you in a wide range of ways. It is tremendous when it comes to audience intelligence.

Facebook has audience insight that enables you to profile the typical people who like your content. You can detect certain habits or profiles that would enable you to make better, informed and better advertising decisions using Facebook ad platform.

Another benefit is that it’s a powerful branding platform. If you set up your page properly and populate it with the right types of content, you’d be able to attract the right kind of people and drive the right kind of engagement which leads us to the third benefit of Facebook pages: audience engagement.

You see, any kind of relationship is always two-way. If you’re just talking to a group of people in a one-way setting, that’s not much of a relationship. You’re not dictating to these people whom are your following or audience. Instead, you’re trying to learn from them so you can direct the conversation in such a way that value is maximized. As the old saying goes, to get what you want, you must first give other people what they need.

liking post on facebookProper audience engagement is the key to doing this. The more value you create, the better you convert. That’s the bottom line. What is a conversion in this case as far as using this platform for small businesses or professional practice marketing? It is trying to get your readers to take action and either contact you (become a prospect or lead) or buy, in the case of selling products.

Use groups to spread your brand and business far and wide

When you join as many niche-related groups as possible, you sort potential audience pools by interest. When you share content from your pages, people are given a clear opportunity to join a particular page based on what they’re interested in. I like this content focus because you’re not advertising in the classic sense. You are offering something of value that play up your credibility and authority. The more they read your content, higher the chance that they will be impressed. If they’re impressed enough, they can then formalize the relationship by clicking the “like” button and then put your page on page feed! Meaning they will see your post frequently in their feed. Some may even share it later.

Similarly, you can piggyback on the social networks of people who are impressed by your content. Birds of a feather flock together. People who are interested in a particular niche, theme or interest, tend to network together.

The great thing about Facebook page is that it enables you to infiltrate social circles based on niche-filtered content. It may seem innocent enough when somebody shares content that you put on a Facebook group. However, the most likely people that would click the “like” button are people who are actually interested in the broad range of topics that particular page talks about.

This is highly filtered, highly engaging, and, if properly implemented, can lead to solid ROI.

Real-time consumer intelligence

Once you spread your content to Facebook groups and it lead to clicks on your Facebook page post, you’re given a tremendous range of consumer intelligence. For one, you would know which posts or photos they responded to or engaged with the most. You are also clued in as to the type of content generated the like. This is a powerful information because you could be able to effectively profile people who are most likely to respond to your brand.

You can then shape your branding positioning to meet these people’s needs. The best part of this is that it’s a self-sustaining process. The more people who share your content, the more intelligence you gather – the more the people engage with your content, the more information you pick up regarding content that works and that doesn’t.So as you can see marketing on using the groups is worth the effort.

In fact, when you zero in on content that works, you would realize that this actually quite a spectrum between the content that appeal to certain needs and that appeal closer to conversion.

Use Facebook groups to build your list

on facebook joining a listFinally, when you get people to your page, you shouldn’t call it a day. Don’t think that just because people landed on your page and clicked on the link, that you’re good to go. Absolutely wrong. You need to take things to the next level like getting these people’s email addresses. This is why I strongly encourage you to use facebook groups marketing strategy to pump traffic to your page and use your page’s content to filter people based on their interest.

Ideally speaking, people who are most interested in what you share would be the most likely to go to your squeeze page and enter their email addresses. These are people that you want to build a relationship with. If you apply another filtering step which is to offer some low-cost paid content, you can build a very powerful and highly lucrative buyers’ list by just using free traffic from Facebook.

This is not merely a theory. I’ve done this before. I know a lot of people that do this regularly. You just need to pay attention to your niche and give people what they’re looking for. That’s the bottom line. But the sad reality is that there is no shortage of marketers that complain all day on marketing forums regarding these groups are worthless to post on.

Don’t believe those people. This social media network can make you money but you will need to spend it on certain features like their paid ad platform. However, you have to know what you’re doing. It all boils down to giving people what they want so that you can get what you want. Start marketing on Facebook groups that may be interested in what you offer and that does not cost anything except a little bit of your time. Additional please keep in mind that networkrr is an marketing platform for small businesses to.

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