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How to Use Facebook Groups to Advertise Your Business

To be successful when marketing your small business is to have an ad that is proven to generate good response rates and to put that ad in front of a large amount of potential new customers. If you want to get in front of this type of audience, then Facebook groups is a great way to do that. This is good for getting the word out about your products, services and brand.

To get really big increases for your business you might start looking for groups by the interest that your customers are going to have.

For example, if you sell golf clubs then look for similar groups like golf courses, golf equipment, ETC. Take some time and find groups that are relevant to your products or services. Think about who your demographic is and join those groups. Is it a good idea to post to the groups frequently?

One a day should be good, but post good stuff, not spam. By posting frequent could result in more people viewing it. Most likely you will end up being a member of several groups so you may want to use the same post for all of the groups for that day.

You’ll need to test it and see how it goes, then adjust accordingly. A post should contain information that people can use like helpful tips. Use photos in your group posts. Images get far more interest and response than simple text posts. Everything you create and post must have a call to action. You will need to tell your audience what to do, because most likely they will not if you don’t tell them. Use images in all ads or posts.

Try to build up a large audience and try to get the group members to go to your Facebook page. This is where they will discover more information about you and your small business, products, services or practice.

Start thinking about creating an email list… Try to create something that can be emailed out at regular intervals like once a week. You can use the groups to get signups to your email news letter. We are using the groups to build relationship with its readers. I suggest that you do not post ads. It is much better to write something that provides value to the reader, plus this should prevent you from being banned for spam by the group owner.

Content worth reading would be how to tips, something like a top 5 or top 10 lists, entertainment or information someone can use. No one will know your product or service better than you. So why not create a Facebook group post about how it will solve your client’s problems.

Also what are other benefits that we can get from your service or products? Tell us. By doing this you are actually starting to create a business relationship with the readers, so when a problem you solve comes up, you could be the first one they call or visit. If you would like to get more visitors to you Facebook page, then consider offering a free giveaway. It does not have to be something you buy; it could be a free informative report that addresses that person’s interest. It’s free to write. This should create more interest in your business. It’s up to you to create success with this type of marketing and advertising. You will be building an audience over time and as well as a relationship.

This is a great way to get FB page visits and build an email list. Just make sure your writing style is geared to an individual and not a group.

Be careful what you write about and promises or claims you make publicly. I want you to know that at some future point in time someone will be aware of a claim or promise you made was false. (if you do this) When your audience finds out about it all of your relationship building efforts are at risk as well as your reputation. I prefer to under promise and over deliver to all of my clients! Honesty should always be our best policy.

If you can commit to this as well as learn all you can about this, then your Facebook Fan Page will start growing like crazy not to mention your sales too.

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