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Financial Planners – Are They Right for You? (Updated 2019)

This is a question that many of us might have wondered about but it does not have a definitive answer. A financial advisor is considered an extra overhead and someone without utility by many people while some swear on their usefulness. Which side of the story is true? Is it important to hire a financial advisor? To answer these questions and resolve all confusion, one first needs to understand who a financial advisor really is.

A financial advisor, also known as a financial planner, is a professional who helps clients with their finances by offering advice and counsel on different matters concerning a clients finance and investment objectives. These professionals give guidance or financial advice to their clients for compensation. An advisor will always work hard and offer you the best guidance they can come up with.

It is the duty of a financial advisor to work for the clients best interests.

Typically, a financial advisor will charge flat fees on a monthly basis for delivering services. Another common payment method is to charge a percentage of the assets they are given responsibility for.

So, in a way, your fee only financial advisor will benefit from you benefiting. The answer to if you really should use the services of financial planner, will be answered when we discuss what these professionals have to offer you.

Here is a list of some common activities of a financial advisor. A decent professional will perform these tasks dutifully and help clients benefit as much as they can. They will lend you professional experience. You might be an expert in any area but if you have not had much experience in the field of personal finance management, you will definitely benefit from having an financial advisor on board.

Your finance advisor will offer you their professional expertise or advice on when you need it which will improve the quality of your investment decisions, especially regarding securities. They will assist you in making logical and beneficial decisions in least time possible. Thus, you will be able to make the most of your time.

People who work in this capacity require licensing by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington DC. as well as the firm and the broker/dealer.

They will effectively manage all your investments. Where and how you invest decides how much you earn. This is why it is necessary that your assets are allocated effectively so you are in the most profitable position possible. They will also help manage your investments and optimize your current positions. They will use their specific skill set to determine the best course of path which should be followed. You might be well aware on investment management but the various facets it has can only be dealt with optimally if you work closely with a financial planner.

When picking a financial advisor for yourself, it is pertinent that you choose someone who has substantially more amount of knowledge and experience in the field than you. You do not want to work with someone who, instead of facilitating your business, will draw you behind. It is always preferable to hire someone who has served in many firms prior to meeting you.

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Do You Need Financial Advisor?’, ‘Find out more about using the services of a professional financial advisor and if they will make a good fit for your financial plan.

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