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Get Traffic to Your Website

He is an opportunity for your local company to get more traffic to your website via the search engines. We have developed a way to increase ranking for websites to the first page. Before I begin to say why we need a few beta test small business websites, let me first explain why search engine traffic is so important. The days of people using print advertising and marketing are almost over. When was the last time you used a yellow pages phone book or actually purchased a newspaper?

Everyone is using the internet to find what they want and the especially use Google and Youtube to find a local business like yours. If you and your local company sell a product or offer a service to a local area that has a population of fewer than 200,000 people, we are interested in speaking with you.

We would like to help you get MORE high quality traffic to your website. We will not charge for our services as it pertains to this limited time project, you only need to pay for certain items or services that need to be performed in order to rank high. This should cost a few hundred dollars.

The results will blow you away! I am not at liberty to say what these tasks are as they are proprietary. It has taken my team a long time and a lot of hard work to develop our online marketing system that brings lots of traffic to small business websites.

Any local business that has a top listing in the search engine results page always gets the most traffic and the most customers. These are the businesses that are killing it and making tons of money while in the mean time nobody can find your website.

When you find an opportunity to you discount it as fake or fluff or do you #hustle and take advantage of it? The first three local businesses to contact me who are serious about growing their business bigger and want to participate in an online traffic development test… and then this is for you.

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Now is always the best time to take action and are also the type of people we prefer to work with. If you have to think about it or speak to your partner, then you probably may not be ready to take on a whole bunch of traffic from the internet.

This traffic will either call your company or send an email inquiry; depending on what the CTA (call to action is on your website. Please make sure that you have your phone number display at the top of your website and that it is mobile friendly. Because will audit your website before starting this beta test. If your site sucks, we\’ll make recommendations for you, but we will have to move on to the next company.

Lastly, if my team is successful at delivering traffic and generating leads for your business you agree to do both a printed and video testimonial for us as well as publish it to your social networks. (we’ll also look at the size of your networks to, before starting.) I’m sure you understand.

Go ahead and contact us now and explore our website to learn more about how to market your website online.

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