Getting Started with Small Business Advertising

Small business advertising is very important for local companies to get the word out about what they do. If you sell a product or a service then the more that know about it, like you and trust you, then the more money your business will earn. What is bothering me lately is that just a couple of weeks ago I spoke to someone about helping them generate more leads for her business. I could tell right away there was skepticism.

The Dilemma… She told me up front that 5 years ago she tried advertising online and the results were dismal. The worst part is that she gave up after the first marketing failure instead of reaching out to other online marketing professionals like my self, to see what else is available and working.

I did not say anything on the phone to here about what in the heck has she been doing for the last 5 years regarding new client acquisition. My best guess is referrals or maybe costly print media advertising.

There certainly is a leaning curve to doing effective small business advertising and marketing online. Personally I thing a business owner should focus on what they do and hire someone to do the online marketing activities. Yes there is a lot to learn and several effective tools and resources that will drive in leads, emails or phone calls from prospective clients.

So basically nothing came out of this. She is a real estate agent. I told her that I can get her phone to ring with new customers and we can set up a pay per call arrangement. This way she sells the homes and my team and I will do all of the marketing, including paying for online ads.

So she says that if any of the calls were from buyers with bad credit, lookie lous or buying far out into the future, she won’t pay for those calls. I decided not to work with here because it is a ton of work to build web pages, websites, create online ads, keyword research etcetera. I feel that this lady should have taken and paid for all of the calls, because out of all of the calls is going to be the money making calls. A red hot buyer.

So even if ten to twenty calls were paid for at $20 a call for a prospective home buyer would have been well worth it. Those real estate commissions are very big and advertising is a tax write off.

I just don’t understand people. This person was an older gal in the baby boomer generation, so there might have been some old school programming going on there with her thinking process. I don’t know but when it comes to using the internet and small business advertising, it’s constantly changing.

So I just wanted to do a brief write up and ventilate a little frustration. But let me tell you one fact. The internet is an amazing place to find new customers. Traffic volume at social media websites and at the major search engines is huge.

If you learn how to do online marketing or social media marketing for your local small business or agency, then you will always be profitable and successful…

Some local small business owners are reluctant to either learn more about online marketing or hiring a pro to do it for them. However in these times, as a business owner you need to decide how you will initiate your online marketing plan. Because you need one. Your competitors who are kicking as and ranking in the profits via Facebook and Google first page results love all of the money they are making.

Either sit on the side lines an do nothing or get busy and #hustle. (#hustle means grow, scale and work hard)

If you read this far click on the link on the above paragraph. It will only take to minutes to read, but could change your business and the way you advertise.

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