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How to Market Your Website Online

Here is what I have discovered in all of my years of internet advertising and marketing. Before I started doing online marketing for small businesses in local communities, I was working hard on my own website. After trial and error, I was able to figure out how to get my websites to convert my traffic (visitors) and turn them into leads. Actual prospects interested in buying from me.

If you own or operate a local business that provides a service, then keep reading… I will already assume you have a professional looking website that that your visitors like when they come to it.

A website is worth nothing if nobody views it. Probably better to not even have one and save money on hosting if this is the case. Or we could do something about it and turn it into a 24 hour sales person churning out leads for your business week after week.

The best source of traffic to all of my websites are those visitors that find it using the major search engines. Social media traffic does not convert as well, but it is my second best pick.

The reason I like search engine traffic is because the searcher has buyer’s intent. Imagine for a moment there was a serious plumbing problem in your home. Are you going to go look for the giant yellow page phone book or go to Google and try to find someone to help you? Obviously Google is the easiest and quickest way to find a small business to assist you with whatever it is you are in need of. This is internet traffic that converts well.

Here is a good example of quality online traffic and great conversions. The best I have ever seen actually. Several years ago, when we were all in the great recession, I needed a second job to pull in some extra cash. So I decided to drive a Taxi here in Dallas Texas. It took 3 weeks to get my permit so I decided while I was waiting that I would build a local airport transportation website so I could use my taxicab to take people to and from the airport since the average fare was around $50 to $75 to get to the suburbs.

The following month the website ranked on the first pages of Google for a variety of taxi, shuttle and airport transportation keywords mixed in with the names of all of the suburbs. Then I started getting about 5 calls a day. For every 5 calls I would book one or two trips.

On the weekends, I did not get any calls as most of the customers were business people. So 5 calls to 1 appointment being booked is about as good as it will get. I have seen in the mortgage industry people taking 4 calls to one application taken, but they need 16 calls to have a closed loan on average and depends on the loan officers telephone sales skill.

social media marketing for traffic

Anyway as you can see Google, Bing and even Yahoo will provide your business with new customers if you take the time to build local authority to your website.

To build up its authority here is what you should do…

Start a Facebook page for your business. Once it is ready post content to it. You can link to your website from the Facebook page. Tip: Copy your Facebook page URL then go to and submit your link there as well as ping your website or webpage when fresh content is posted.

Start a twitter account if you do not have one already. Post images or textual content as much as you can and be sure to have a link back to your website.

You should also set up a YouTube account so make sure you fill out your YouTube channel with as much information as possible. Then shoot videos about your business. If you are not camera shy, then talk to your audience (potential customers) about their pain and what you do to solve problems. Get client testimonials too and upload them. All of the above will start to create online authority to your website.

Additionally, take the time to set up secondary blogs at, and Post a 500 word unique article at least 2 times a month to all of those with a minimum of 1 image contained in each. Also link to your site from all of those as well. Add your business name, address and telephone number to all of the above accounts. Make sure it that information is exactly the same on all of those.

You Will Need Citations. Submit your business to directory websites… has a directory submission process to list your business, so contact us when you are ready. Go to and submit a listing there. It is easy to do.

Go to

There are other directory websites like Yelp,, Yellowbot Foursquare and all the others to submit your business information.

It’s a good idea to learn more about how to get local citations if you feel you need them.

When you decide to do this you should try to get at least 3 high quality citations that include your business name, address and phone number. Make sure those are exactly the same at all 3 citation directories.

On a side note… We also have some products on this website about how to use Facebook to get more customers. You’ll want to check that out because it works and your competition down the street may not be doing it. More new business for you!

I could write a book on authority website building, but what I have provided here is enough to get you started and your company on to the radars of the major search engines.

This is what I would consider a good starting point for any small business in a city or town doing business in a local area. It will build a safe foundation without looking like you are spamming the internet. I can also consult you if you are in need of advice about how to further improve your rankings. There is a fee for this though but at least you will get your questions answered and get results. (USA businesses only)

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