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More Clients for Your Business

This is a brief but important post and it is intended for local businesses like home services, restaurants, insurance agencies, doctors and dentists, pool companies, cleaners, painters, ect… This is because all small businesses continually have a need to acquire new customers. So depending on how fast you want to grow and scale your business, will determine how big of a need you have for getting more customers.

I understand some want to grow slow and not invest much into marketing. And then there are those who want to #Hustle. #makemoney and #growbig as soon as possible.

So let’s go over how to find new customers.

In the United States there is no more recession from years ago… Just about every city I know of is prospering. Homes are selling and the DOW is rising monthly. The economy is moving along nicely, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to improve revenue, grow and scale your local business

Let me show you a way to get more customers for your small business as well as patients or clients for your practice or agency. What’s really interesting is that you already know what this method is… Most do, yet it’s highly neglected, expensive or confusing to most business owners to implement. There certainly are many ways to advertise both online and offline. But this particular ‘strategy’ when done correctly is one of the best ways!

get more clients by marketing

The best online marketing platform that brings in new customers who are almost ready to buy from you are… Search Engines!

Think about it… You got a problem, where is the quickest and easiest place to find something instantly at your finger tips? Back in the good ole days it was the yellow pages. Not any more. Now it’s the search engines.

There just one problem for local businesses in regards to search engine marketing… If your business is not on the first page of the search engine results page (commonly referred to as page one of Google) you will not be found at all. Page 2 and beyond just won\’t work when trying to achieve results.

Did you know that those companies in your area, who are that are at the top of the page one results are the ones who are getting alot of new customers and making a lot of money. They won’t tell you this but they are!

Would you like to have access to this new stream of customers, patients or clients?

Look at the image below. Notice the search volume of 306/mo…

seo search volume

So as we can see from the above image that in just one suburb of Dallas TX there are on average 306 searches monthly for a chiropractor in Plano TX. And that is just one keyword variation.
There are several more keywords related to this search term that have more searches.

What if I could get your website to rank at the top of the search engines for your business, in your area? Would you like more visitors to your website? More calls and emails from new customers every week? Then this is for you.

If you are not ready or you prefer only to work with referrals from your circle of influence, that’s OK too! Just be aware that whoever is at the top of the search results right now are the ones getting that search traffic, website visitors and making a ton of money… Not You!

For those of you who take your business seriously and want to grow revenues, scale and potentially hire more people. Here is your opportunity. This will certainly help you pay those bills, payroll, be able to take a vacation and spend more time with your family.

Dominate your competitors. They don’t care about you. But they will never see you coming too. Image how much better your business and your life will be with this amazing source of new customers every month!

My team and I are professionals at this. If you been wanting to GROW but were not sure how to do it in regards to marketing and advertising… Then seriously consider our online marketing service.

Your growth in increased revenue will come from smart investing. Not gambling and taking chances on other forms of media to advertise in. We work with businesses in cities that have a population of 250,000 people or less. Contact us for more information and questions you may have.

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