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At Networkrr.com we are a small business marketing network. That’s our brand. We like being unique and staying up with what’s hot in the world of web2.0, social media and everything online marketing for small businesses like yours.


I have something that I already know your business needs to generate more leads. Do you want to speak to more prospects frequently that could be a new potential customer, client or patient?  Then keep reading my story… It’s important and will only take a few more minutes…

small business marketing strategy

What is important, as I just previously mentioned is doing something and helping other people solve their problems. Marketing is identifying a problem people have and offering a solution. this makes selling so much easier.

This is where our website to be referred as Networkrr.com comes into action! I, like YOU am a local business owner offering services to the residents and businesses in my local community. I live in a Dallas TX suburb called Irving TX and if you are familiar with the Dallas Cowboys then certainly you have heard of Irving. It’s a great place to live and do business.

Anyway now that I have established my local presence, I’d like to know more about where you are and what you do professionally. Plus I’d love to here about what you do for online lead generation for your local business, agency or practice. How is it working out for you? Additionally I’d like to quickly mention that if you are very successful, contact me so I can interview you so that you can share your story with other entrepreneurs. Plus you’ll gain more online exposure for your busines as well. 

However if you are struggling or don’t have time to use the internet as an advertising and marketing platform to get more leads then keep reading on… This is also for those of you who may be paying a lot of money for leads or for search engine optimization agencies who charge alot of money. So, I’d like to present a solution…

First we need to get something big out of the way or there really isn’t any reason to continue reading this post any further.

Right Now… You must answer the next question 110% truthfully and quickly, if you truly want to see any value in any of this stuff I am writing here.


Do You Believe Google Can Bring New Customers to Your Business Weekly?

Select One:  YES___  NO___

If you chose NO, then I wish you the best.

If you chose YES, then you are correct!

->There are potentially hundreds if not thousands of people in your area (considering big city) online searching for your type of business, where they are located. Even smaller more local areas have high quality search volume. So yes, this will work for small towns with average populations of 100K +.

Let me give you an example of what in the heck is going on at Google and what people are doing…

I have a housecleaning client and they are in need of growing their business in the Dallas TX area. Since I have access to a keyword tool that tells me what folks are typing in and how many people in a certain geographical area search that term.

So I took a small batch of house cleaning, housekeeping related terms and found out that in my local area there were over 4,000 searches a month! These are potentially 4000 residents that are in need of getting their homes or apartments cleaned up In the Dallas TX area!

The point of this is YES, everybody uses major search engines to find all types of local businesses, even yours! Question is, do the search engines know who you are? Do they even care? If they don’t now and your not on a first page result, then clearly I can understand why online marketing may not be working out for you. It is probably more likely you simply just don’t believe it works.

But if you just read what I posted then I just provided you with proof it works and NOW is the best time to considering using the services of my website and start getting some of the online buyer traffic that I like to call… LEADS!

My first job for all of you that are new visitors here is to explain what I have done and what we do. I think that I have gotten the basics out of the way and we can move forward with the beginning of starting to create results when it comes to small business online marketing and lead generation. I am proposing to you to use our website via a custom webpage listing.  On the back end we can optimize it and assist your business in capturing that lucrative online search engine traffic that could cause a whole new level of sales and profits for your local company!

Here’s the deal. It’s really easy and quick to get started with us and create your listing. You’ll see the submit buttons on this website to get started. When you do, you’ll see a online form with a bunch of questions. Fill out the form and answer the questions. Most of it is standard stuff like describe your business, what’s your address phone and website… ect.

Networkrr.com Launch Phase. IF You see this next paragraph, consider yourself lucky as you just saved over $3,000 in internet marketing expenses…

OK… Launch DEAL. Take advantage of it now. This part can be deleted at any time…

Step 1. Join us and submit your custom small business online marketing webpage profile page. Fill it out the best you can as soon as possible.

Step 2. Make sure to include all of your current social media profile URLs and all of your contact information. Provide us with images. Just add as much stuff as you can. Fill it up with as much CONTENT as you can because major search LOVE this stuff and this is what will make your new directory profile webpage rank. TOP rankings go to those who put in the EXTRA effort and then some. The lame ass shit gets kick to the side every time.

Step 3. When your done, go ahead and contact us and tell me that you joined the free launch as I will also need to find out more about your business. Once I do, I reserve FULL rights to MODIFY your free profile as I see fit to satisfy our internet marketing protocols established by us. This means we will check your grammar and make sure there are enough words in your description! If not we will add more words or text per SEO standards. It has to be done or this will not work.

Step 4. You have to trust me on this. If you follow me and watch what I do you will learn a lot! Your competitors will not appreciate that you have found out about me. They have guys in India and the Philippines or where ever trying to manipulate search engines results. Doesn’t matter. I know what really works and I also know what the time frame is to see results. And it is not next week or next month. You will see safe and secure results in about 2 to 5 months on average with your new listing you post with us today.

Step 5. This special launch offer is more targeted to the established local business that has either customers for a product or service or for small local business that provide a service for their clients or patients. Your business must be LLC or INC in your state and we will check the SOS records. Must be brick and mortar or lease commercial space. No online businesses. Must have a LOCAL business address where you actually do business and have a land line. There is a reason for this and I will go into it later when I speak to you.

Most likely, the fee waived premium listing will terminate when I get the 1st 15 clients to join us. After that, the fee model will be activated on the back end and is listed below:

… Most likely $497 monthly, first week free to try out the leads.

If there is NO “BUY NOW” Button here. The free offer is still available. When a payment button is presented here, then the $497 monthly payment is required. It’s still worth it  considering the amount of potential new customers that you will gain over the next 12 months. If your business has high profits margins, then you know what to do next…