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Sales: How to Be Amazing at Setting the Appointment

Let me ask you an important question… Does your business require that you see people? Is it that the more you talk to the more you will you will earn? Then keep reading as I would like to show you some amazing ways to set the appointment and make more sales with these appointment setting tips.

We’ll go over how to be good at setting the appointment

Being able to set quality sales appointments is very important, but it seems these days that being able to do so it becoming a little more difficult. So let’s take a look at a few good ways to present your offer and get closer to a yes!

Before prospecting it will be a good idea to be sure you are reaching out to an audience that will be even slightly interested in what you have to offer, whether it is a product or a service. These folks, in some way should have a need or a want for it. At least for me this made the beginning of the sales process easier. An effective online marketing campaign will get you in front of an audience that could be interested in your offer

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Then it was just a matter of finding out more about their situation and determining if I could sell the best solution for them.

At the same time while asking my probing pre-qualifying sales questions and trying to find their pain, I also had to make my self likeable and creditable to them at the same time. Because it seems to me that if someone (a prospect) either does not like you or is questioning your credibility, then they are most likely not going to do business with or your company.

Think about it this way… Would you purchase or product or a services from a person you either did not like or trust or both? I wouldn’t. In fact I can probably buy the same item or service from someone else that I would prefer to make the purchase from.

Insurance sales agents are a perfect example of this as well as some other industries. So when beginning to speak with a prospect, NEVER give them the price up front because you’ll never get the appointment.

Instead, pre-qualify their situation with questions and find out if they really do have a need for what you offer. This does both of you a favor and could save time your time as well as theirs.

You should be an expert in what you sell and should have a good idea of your target market.

Find out if you are speaking to your target market in the beginning of your call, then continue your sales process from there. When they tell you their problem, try to add some more pain to it, if possible so that you can help them truly identify they have a problem, then do your best to offer a solution that they can identify with. Listen for clues when they speak.

For better conversions, your solution should resonate with them. Make it something they want. Create urgency. Let them know you are a busy person and that it is basically a privilege that they are going to be able to visit with you. Let them you are the best at what you do, but you also have a lot of other people who need you as well.

This will increase your value. The more valuable you are the more they may desire to make the purchase with you. Ask for the sale.

The sale in this case is selling the appointment. Don’t ask for the appointment in the question format that generates a yes or no response.

Instead, ask is next Tuesday at 6:00 pm good for you or the following week?

This is because my schedule is filling up fast. My personal preference is to send them a reminder mailer either postal or email about the appointment so they do not forget.

You could go even further and say, Mr. Jones Now that we have determined the time of our appointment, I can wait a minute on the phone with you will you add it to your calendar. Thank you for taking a moment to do this.

Everybody involved in sales has their way of going about the setting up of appointments with internet leads or prospects.

This article is just the way I do things and hopefully there is a nugget in there that will help. There are lots of appointment setting articles online too, if you are looking to readjust they way you are setting sales appointments.

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