If I have contacted you in regards to being interviewed about your business, its services or products, your business development story or success story… Then please read on. (If you are new here, please read too)

Here is what our small business video interview is all about…

I’m looking for at least 10 business people per month to interview via the internet using online video, such as something like Google hangouts where we simply have a great conversation about you and your business. I will have a list of questions for you as well. this is because your potential new customers, clients or patients will be able to view this video and webpage hosted on our website, when they do an online search about your company. Most likely they will probably want to know more about your business before doing business with you (due diligence phase). It’s all good. This is another way to advertise your business while leveraging the power of our website and growing social media accounts. Just get in front of as many people as you can to grow your business and its profits!

Here is where I got this idea from…

When I need to make a purchase of some kind, I usually go to the internet to find a business that offers what I am looking for whether it’s a product or service, doesn’t matter. I believe that I am not the only consumer doing this, so here is an opportunity for you to be professionally interviewed about your business and talk about what you have to offer and why. Your new customers could see this and contact you to inquire about your services or consider purchasing your products.Many consumers look at reviews too. So lets create an amazing story.

You future customers could discover your small business video interview on either social media networks as well as in the major search engines! This is an opportunity for you to build an virtual online relationship and to become liked and trusted quickly by them, in order to grow your business with new customers. When you are liked and trusted, selling becomes a whole lot easier!

If you agree to this online video interview for small businesses, then you will need to have access to a device or computer with a mic and a video camera. We’ll setup a time and date to do this and I will take care of the rest in driving traffic to the video interview. I will do everything I can to drive traffic to your video interview at no charge, for now.

That’s it.

If you and everyone else I interview do the following… Then the collective efforts of all involved will boost your video interviews and the audio podcast in the s.earch engines! When we are done with it, please post out interview and webpage to your Facebook (personal profile & FB page) , Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ accounts. That’s it. It will only take you about 4 minutes to post the webpage link along with some text. It helps you gain more online exposure as well as trust, credibility and getting liked! Collectively, authority gets built to all of those small business online videos, thus boosting them further for more traffic.

Please note that we will be posting your online video interview to all of our growing social media accounts the following day, hope you do the same.

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Want more customers and sales? Then lets do it and make it happen!

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