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It will take you only 2 minutes to read this post, but it could change your small business or private practice forever!

…That’s no joke and what I mean by this is were providing a small business online marketing portal with a variety of services aimed at generating more leads for your business. To quickly determine if networkrr is for you, this is who we are looking to join us… Local Small Businesses.

Businesses like:

  • Contractors
  • Construction and Building
  • Commercial Real Estate Professionals
  • Agencies
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Financial Sector
  • Interior Design
  • Medical
  • Movers
  • Payroll /Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Photography

And several other popular industries who are in need of being able to take phone calls from potential local customers, clients or patients.

This also applies additionally to other independent professionals. By that I mean ‘independent’ insurance agents, attorneys, consultants, practitioners, coaches, specialists, counseling and much more…

I think you get the picture. To find out more about what we do and how we can help you to start getting your phones to ring with new customers or receiving new email inquiries… Go to the homepage of this website and look around.

This post is being typed up in our per-startup phase, but it will still give you a good ideas of what you can take advantage of.

You’ll notice a “Submit Your Pitch” page. Basically create a video and write about your business and what your business does. Submit your business pitch to us and we’ll create a webpage and market it for you. In the start up phase (per-launch) it will not cost anything. Post start-up there will be a fee.

Were also looking to conduct  small business interviews, success stories and motivational interviews. Got a story to tell that a large audience would not only like to hear but could also benefit from? Go to the home page a click the “Interview Tab” and tell us your story. If we like it, we’ll set up a time for the online video interview, which will also be a podcast. Then we will promote it online for you. This is a great way to get seen by more potential customers who use the internet to find services or products.

Later this year there will be a directory portal that you can submit your business information too. This ain’t your boring directory website submission site either. Nope. We are developing a leading concept to this that makes it a very worth while opportunity to make sure your business gets listed on it. Our concept makes sure that the “directory webpage” gets in front of your targeted audience who are your customers. The page will be designed for high conversions, which means more visitors= more paying customers for your company!

I want to talk more about this but I can right now but there will be a webinar coming out soon that will present this concept that is not used much at all right now. So this is an amazing marketing opportunity for you.

** I suggest you bookmark this webpage into your browser now. This is where updates will be posted. This is also how you will be able to receive an invitation to my private webinar which will go over this concept and other secretive online advertising methods!


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