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Small Business Marketing Using Facebook

If you are like most other small business owners, product sellers or independent professionals you may have wondered how you can increase your sales.

What is the best way to get information about your company in front of many people?

Knowing where to advertise is important as well as marketing on a platform that has a responsive audience. Ok the good news is that you have a Facebook account and you are probably already aware that they have a worldwide audience of over 2 billion users. Did you know that about 48% of them are logged in at any given time?

You can view how many are logged in right now: https://www.internetlivestats.com/watch/facebook-users/

The good thing about Facebook is its audience targeting capabilities. You are able to select your audience’s demographics. So let’s get into how to use this to market your business. From your personal profile you will need to create a page. This is where you will begin.

The best part is that it does not cost anything to do this. Should take about 30 minutes to set up and add your first post. Once a post is made you can always come back to edit it, if needed. Spice up your page a bit starting with a cover image and a profile photo. These will be used for branding. You’ll need to visit be aware of the image size recommendations. When people visit the page they can find out more about you and connect. Tell people what to do via a call to action. Put them on posts, ads and images used for advertising.

The next thing that you should do is talk about your small business or company and write a description. Visitor will quickly be able to see what you are about.

There are 2 spots to write descriptions. You can write both a short and long description and I recommend doing both. In order for potential customers to find you, it will be necessary to add your contact details. Such as business address, telephone and website URL. If you do not have a website, then use your Facebook page URL.

Shortly here at Networkrr.com we will be offer optimize webpage service too. Overall just make sure prospects can contact you. Make some kind of posting to your personal Facebook Profile so that your friends can find out about your new Facebook Page. Ask them to Like your Facebook Page as well!

By using your new FB Page, now you can connect with Facebook Groups that have similar interests as your customers typically have. This is a wonderful method way to increase your business exposure quickly.

Post frequent but smart. This will improve the chances of a Facebook fan looking at and reading your post. Post 1 to 3 times a day, but don’t spam.

Don’t write spammy ads on your Facebook page. I know you want to increase business, but the special advantage of Facebook compared to other online marketing tools is the ability to build a relationship with prospects. Give them reasons to like you. Make your posts fun informative and entertaining.

Did you know that you could allow others people to post to your Page. It’s an opportunity for communication with your new prospects. Tread carefully if you do this. It is an option you should know about, but I would consider doing other marketing activities. Use your Facebook page so that people can become aware of your business and its brand. They can find out more about your services or products as well as the solutions you provide.

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