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Technically this is the first blog post for this website and I think it would be appropriate here to talk more about who I am, what I am ding with this website and where I intend to take this.

Back in the year 2000 I was an airline employee. In fact I held a very important job as an aircraft dispatcher. Dispatchers run the airline and make all of the operation decisions. If your flight got cancelled or delayed and you got re-booked, an aircraft dispatcher made the decision to do so, based on the best operational outcome for the company.

Anyway this job paid $11/hr and the stress and responsibility was not worth the effort.

So I moved on to something else. My brother Thomas, who was a mortgage broker at the time, asked if I was interested in becoming a residential mortgage loan officer.

I noticed he was banking $5000 to $10,000 a month so this got my attention. Specially since he never attended collage.

So I went ahead and decided to launch into a new business at that time. After doing some training and getting certified, I was ready to go.

The only problem was… How am I going to find leads for my business?

I tried contacting realtors to see if they would provide me with leads, but they did not know who I was and did not care who I was. Just a big nobody asking for home mortgage leads.

I had to find another way. At that time the internet was still in its infancy. I already had knowledge that the internet and search engines could provide potential prospects to a website, if I had one. So at that time I spent every waking moment I could on how to develop a website and get traffic (prospects) to it a much as I could.

After some time and effort I finally reach my goal and had a site that started to generate actual mortgage leads that wanted to speak with a loan officer such as myself!

So this was my first introduction to the massive potential that is offered by the internet.

Build it and they will come… Does not work!

Build it and fulfill a need, do everything possible to market it online and then they will come.

This takes dedication and focus to see it through until the end. You’ll have to work at it hard and avoid distractions.

Getting your name out there via social media marketing and search engine optimization requires a lot of time and effort. For a local business like yours, the truth is that this will require hard work and consistent, daily effort.

After doing some of the daily routine task it gets easier because it’s easy when you know what needs to be done, then shortly after you see the results and then profit from them.

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