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If you’re a small local business owner or thinking of putting up an online business as an entrepreneur then you need to pay close attention to this important article. Because if you don’t, it will be too easy to waste a lot of your hard-earned profits on internet advertising and marketing methods. You can end up in a sad situation losing money with very little to show for your efforts.

internet advertising graphed resultsYou see, internet advertising can easily turn into financial loss if you’re not careful. It’s really easy to understand this concept because there’s a tremendous amount of hype regarding what internet advertising and marketing can do. It’s too easy to get in over your head and be unable to tell wishful thinking apart from practical reality. Make no mistake about it – there’s  no shortage of people that would eagerly take your hard earned money while giving you all sort of false hopes.

I don’t care whether you are pushing services or products in your local community, the end result is the same: if you’re not careful you end up with a loss and having to deal with disappointment. This especially true for small companies because if you’re business is at the start-up stage, you are in the most vulnerable position. Most likely You don’t to much have much capital and you need to stretch every dollar of funding you get.

I hope you can see why this is important. So I hope the advice provided below will enlighten you and perhaps your business partners regarding some key principles that would enable you to make better decisions as far as internet advertising goes. I don’t intend to deceive or mislead you but this is the cold, hard reality into the world of online internet marketing and advertising for local business. Ignore this advice at your peril.

Traffic quality trumps quantity

So what is the most important piece of internet advice that I can tell you right now? It is very simple: traffic quality trumps quantity. A lot of Internet marketers believe in the more, the merrier. They believe that quantity is better. They think that as long as their website gets a ton of traffic from all four corners of the globe, they are in a good spot. But this is totally incorrect. You see, traffic is not created equal. You can get tons of traffic but if none of it converts to to a sales lead or to some other action you want them to take then, you’re just simply wasting your time, money and efforts.

Don’t want to put yourself in that kind of situation. Instead, you need to apply some Zen Buddhist philosophies here… According to this philosophy, less is more. Think of traffic in those terms. Just because you’re getting a lower level of traffic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not going to be generating sales for your company and making very nice profits. In fact, if this is the right kind of traffic, you end up making more money while spending less effort. You get the best of both worlds. That should be operating strategy. You need to kiss goodbye to the whole idea that you need to get massive amounts of traffic for you to make more money off your website.

Quality traffic can come from anywhere

The second principle that you need to understand is that quality traffic can come from anywhere. Now that I’ve opened your mind to the possibility that you can get less traffic while still making more money, it logically follows that you need to think about where your traffic comes from. This is a very important lesson because a lot of people think that the only source traffic one is from one traffic provider like a search engine. The truth is the are several powerful ways to get high quality traffic to your websites.

ROI is the best measure of traffic quality

It’s easy to bark up the wrong tree when it comes to internet advertising. It really is. You may think that you just need to drive a lot of traffic going through a whole particular source but what you’re really doing is just chasing your tail. You have to have a solid benchmark of success. You can’t just think that just because your website is popular, that somehow, someway, you have more money in your bank account. It doesn’t work that way.

You have to have a solid tool to measure real success. It is not just having a busy website. I personally know websites that get tons of traffic and pay a lot for the monthly hosting bills, adverting and have very little to show from having all that traffic. I know that it sounds tragic but this is the cold hard reality. You don’t want to put yourself in that situation. In fact, the ideal situation is the complete opposite.

You want less traffic to your website and pay the bare minimum as far as hosting plus ads go and  still walk away knowing you got sales or the desire action. The good news is that this is possible if you focus like a laser on Return-On-Investment. You will be able to maximize return-on-investment by following three key-principles that I’m to going to lay out below.

Key-principle 1: Try anything once

Now that I’ve opened your mind regarding the possibility of getting good traffic to come from everywhere, the next step is to try anything once. You see, understanding theory is not going to change your business. Understanding that there’s something bigger and better out there in terms of ideas is not necessarily going generate revenue. You have to take action, get off the fence, pull the trigger and make the right decisions.

This simply means implementation. You have to sign up for and utilize several different traffic paid sources as possible. As long as they’re cheap, try anything once.

Key principle 2: Always have a traffic-testing process ready

Now that you are ready, willing and eager to try as many paid-traffic sources as possible, the next step is to set a filtering process. I’m telling you, just buying traffic left and right with no specific plan on how to convert or track that traffic is a sure recipe for disaster.

If you don’t have any tracking or testing system, you’re not doing much of anything at all except wasting your hard-earned dollars. You don’t want to be put yourself in a situation where you’re buying traffic from 20 different sources and making money. That could be dangerous because it’s too easy to think that you need to keep spending money on all of those sources of traffic when it could very well turnout that only one of those outlets are producing conversions.

I hope you see what’s wrong with this picture. It’s really important to have a traffic-testing process ready. At the very least, this process would track your traffic in such a way that you know which source is working and which are not. The key is to build on your strengths and fix your shortcomings.

Key-principles 3: Scale up what works; don’t be afraid to cut the rest

A lot of people become emotionally invested in a particular expense. For example, if I’m halfway through a movie and realize that it sucks but I already spent $20, what do you think will I do? Like most people, I would probably would stick it through since I already spent $20 on it. Since the movie sucked even halfway through, it will continually suck till the end. That $20 I spend is already gone.

It’s called a sunked-cost. Keep this in mind when looking at the actual results. Since you’re paying for all this traffic from all these different sources, focus on what works. Don’t become so emotionally invested in your campaigns’ different ad sources that you end up throwing good money after bad.

Keep the tips above in mind because they go a long way in helping you to get the most out of internet advertising. I know there are tons of blogs and websites out there giving you all sort of tips. Unfortunately, most of them succeed in only one thing and one thing alone: losing your money. There are lots of vested interests that don’t want you to read the advice that I provided above. They want you to go on a wild goose chase looking for traffic that doesn’t really convert.

I’m giving you the secret sauce here which is paid advertising. However, you have to know how to use it the right way.

In other posts I will discuss further about how to get the best results for your marketing budget with amazing returns. further this will be targeted to the local small business sector regarding internet adverting. As I mentioned there is the right way to do it and the wrong way. Everything we do is the right way. So please follow along and be sure to book mark this site in your browser now and even share it to your social media accounts.

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