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Pay Per Call Program

Let me introduce you to a new and exciting way to get more customers for your business. As a business owner or even a general manager, your time and energy should be focused on what you do best. As a smart business person why not leverage the experience of a professional online marketing firm? One of our specialties is getting our clients telephones to ring with new customers several times a day! These are not tire kickers, these are people who have a need or a want and they can be calling you asking for your help.

This concept is known as “Pay per Call” and in some cases pay for performance (results). At networkrr we understand the internet and we know how to use it to drive more new business to your company.

Here is how it works: If you have an ongoing need for new leads or prospects whom have a need for what you offer, then we will develop on online marketing campaign for what you offer targeting in your local area. We pay for all of the marketing and will do all of the work. Your part will be to take and handle the phone calls we send to you. If you currently have call takers who can set appointments or close, then now is a great time to get started. It’s really important that you have a way to take calls before doing this. A sales process will also help you convert more of the calls into sales.

At this point you are probably thing… “What’s the price?” Well the prices vary by industry and location. There is a big difference between a real estate in New York compared to a flower shop in Topeka KS. When you contact us, we will do a market analysis, determine keywords and competition. Within a day or two well send you a proposal for services which will include the prices and other details.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. There is no “Hard Selling” here. Your initial consultation is a fact finder for the both of us. It’s an opportunity for the both of use to learn about each others business. Just like if we were networking!

When you receive your proposal it will be at the time when you will have to make a big decision about your business. I will say it up front that I would prefer you don’t work with us unless you are ready to take calls.

Here’s what happens after you decide to join us. It will take a few days to prep online advertising and marketing properties and ads. We’ll research your industry to determine what the buyer intent keywords are and rule out non-relevant terms.

By the following week your phones will start ring with new customers, clients or patients. Just depends on what type of business you are in. When you pick up the phone, you will hear a whisper that will say something like “new prospect from”. At this point in time, be on you A game and start making more money!

You will be provided with a user name and password where you will be able to log into the call tracking program where you will be able to view all of the details about who called, the time, length of call ECT. Also each telephone call is recorded. The call is also advised that the calls are record. Anyway, you will be able to listen to how your sales people or employees interact with new customers. This is really an amazing feature and several as you could discover some disturbing things that you may want to change with your employees. You will also find out who needs more coaching and who needs to improve their business development skills. All of this information is available in your online account.

How are the calls paid for?

To answer that question we first have to determine what a billable call or a qualified call is. At that is any call that has “buyer intent”. Meaning the caller is inquiring about your products or services. If someone calls to ask what time it is… You do not pay for calls like that nor telemarketing calls (which will happen from time to time). However our phone call tracking program has an extensive blacklist of telemarketers and are block.

pay per call software program
So to recap, you only pay for billable calls and it will be up to you and your staff to close them the best you can. Our billing system is pre-paid. No net30 or post paid. Only pre-paid. Every telephone call is deducted from your balance and when your balance reaches $200 you will receive a text or email informing you to recharge your account. You will also receive an invoice from us weekly.

Disputes – Bogus Call

If you receive a phone call that you consider to be non-billable or is not a qualified call (buyer intent) and you want a credit for that call, no problem. We will listen to the call that is being disputed and we will make a final determination as to if a credit will be provided.

To find out more or to get started use the contact us tab at the top of this webpage to get started. There will be some businesses or cities in the USA that we will not be able to service. Contact us now.

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