using instagram for my small business

Successful Marketing Using Instagram

How to Use Instagram for Small Businesses and Become More Profitable?

Instagram for small businesses and entrepreneurs is the perfect social media platform to gain a following and get more customers, Instagram is a very active social media website / app. There is well over 2 billion posts on Instagram everyday. Would you like to tap into some of this audience for your business? Then keep reading and be sure to check out my Instgram marketing course.

Let us take a look at what successful marketers utilize and how they this site working for them with great results. I will say that it begins with having a certain type of account.

Get a Business Account on Instagram

Everyone who starts out begins with a personal account even for businesses and entrepreneurs. However by having a business account you will have access to features that can boost your presence on By not having a business account you could be losing out on what just might actually make your account grow and become more profitable.

Take a look at the benefits of having a business account… (Easier for Conversions)

Having a “Contact Button” instead of a website link is easier to convert your followers into leads. I have noticed that people would prefer to click or tap a button instead of a link.

By having a button, your website is just a tap away from their fingertips (or mouse). This provides online user who may be your future customers a seamless experience.

Your Contact Info is More Visible

When you have a business account on Instagram, they allow contact information to be published to like business hours, phone number, email and even directions. So those who follow you and like your content will have several ways to do business with you and become paying customers. They can even visit your business or practice if it is local to them.

The Analytics Has Improved…

Whenever you have online visitors, you must have analytics. IG now provides more in-depth analytics. In order to get a good ROI (return on investment) you need be analyzing performance and make adjustments as needed to improve results.

When you do promoted posts or stories, you will have real time access to the analytics.

So when you make those posts you will be able to develop insight on how your audience reacted.

As time goes on I expect Instagram to continue to improve the performance of their analytics feature.

Instagram Paid Ads

When setting up Instagram ads you will need to have a business account. Using paid ads is an effective way to meet marketing goals. Consider paid ads as a part of your overall marketing campaign.

Ads are easy to use… When promoting a post click on the Promote button, from there you need to select a call to action message and that is it.

More Eyeballs on Your Content!

When the platform determines what new content to show to users, IG has recently updated the algorithm that will favor business content that is in high quality. By posting great content and having a business account at the same time will give you more exposure.

Getting a business account is free and making the switch to it is easy. I did it and it took me less than 2 minutes. They will ask for your business phone number so be ready to provide that. Want better results to your marketing efforts then get a business account on Instagram.

Lets look at how online marketers are succeeding here…

Instagram Small Business Success Tips

1. List Your Goals

You may already know this but it is easy to waste time and money on social media especially if you have not determined any goals. Without the goals you may have already decided that using social media does not work. But I can assure you it does and millions of brands are getting great results from it every day.

A lot of these brands are small businesses or entrepreneurs like you…

That is because they have set their goals and have developed a strategy that is around those goals.

When setting a goal and while trying to make more money is great, there are other minor goals to consider.

So let’s start with these sub goals first in order to achieve the main goal of making more money.

using instagram for small business

As you work on these sub goals, over time needs and social media changes so adjust the goals ad your account becomes popular and matures.

Let’s look at this… before you can start easily acquiring leads for your business, you should have developed good brand awareness first. Trying to get leads without brand awareness (being unknown and un-trusted) will be difficult which could lead to frustration, time lost and money spent disappointments.

Take a look at where you are at now with your IG account. Follow some of the tips above if your account is fresh or does not have a big audience yet. Build your brand and get a following before spending money on ads. Warm up your account and make it look amazing.

2. Build Your Strategy

So you have your goals now let’s begin by setting up a strategy around it. Now we will look at what a successful strategy for Instagram looks like for small businesses.

Objective / Goals

Determine what they are then develop your strategy

Know Your Competition

Online marketing on social media is a whole lot easier when you are able to see what your competition is doing. Especially when you can view their good ideas or weaknesses and use that to your advantage.

Use the Instagram Competitor analysis to develop a good strategy.

To conduct this type of analysis there are several tools available online that you can use to get this data.

Whats Your Content?

What type of content do you want to post? What will you do to make it look amazing? It is important to make sure that it is very visually appealing.

Determine what your posting schedule will be and determine when will be the best times to post content that will boost your following.

Using Instagram for your small business is a great way to build brand awareness, gain a following, interact with your audience, generate leads and get more customers.

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