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Ten Amazing Ways to Market Your Profile on Facebook

A great method of marketing your small business, products or services on Facebook is through a Facebook Page that is dedicated to that business. On the other hand, your personal Facebook Profile offers some marketing and advertising opportunities for you. Utilizing your personal FB profile begins with relationships while developing new business relationships.

1. Create posts on your FB account and let your friends know about your business through this method of social media marketing. Create god posts that are about your business like the services or products you offer. It’s easy place interesting and useful information in 1 posting. However it would be more helpful to publish several posts that are spread out over a short period time, while each posting is unique, gets attention, create curiosity and informative. Several profile postings boost the chances that any post you make will be seen by more friends while marketing your business through a Facebook Profile and not the page.

2. Your friends will share your posts that you created about your small business; this creates the opportunity for their friends Comment or Like those. When this happens why not send Friend Requests to those new people? Then when these new people accept your Friend Request, you will have acquired new friends on Facebook that can see your posts often.

3. If you decide to try this method then in your settings you will need to make some adjustments. You will need to determine whether a post can be seen by only your FB Friends or by the Public. Hopefully you will chose public as to increase your capability to utilize your personal Facebook profile to engage with the Public.

4. If your account is private but you want to market on Facebook then consider the following; Allow Follows. By Allowing Follows to your personal Facebook profile, you don’t have to accept individuals as Friends in order for those people to see your public updates. Plus you don’t have to worry about your FB news feed being cluttered with postings or updates from those that will follow you.

5. Some of the posts you create should be about your business, but not all. Your small business is a big part of your life, so balancing your personal posts can include events that are happening in your business. Maintain personal postings for your Facebook friends, however find some opportunities to make good postings about what you do subtly at the same time.

6. Since your friends already trust you and know who you are then feel free to create posts that are like ads for your business. The new people who follow you will start to trust you. But only advertise to your Facebook friends in moderation. To many ad style postings and they will start to get aggravated.

7. For any of your postings that are your business, include your business contact information or a link to your company website.

8. A good ad includes a “Call to Action.” The posts you use to promote your small business on Facebook, always asking person viewing the post / ad to take some action. Some call to actions can be links to a website or Facebook Page (business page not personal profile), ask them to join your mailing list to receive an informative report or other information. When they respond to a Call to Action this will provide you more information about these new prospects and can offer an additional opportunity for you to make them a new customer.

9. Utilize high quality eye catching images. Your company logo, maybe even photos of your business. Additionally photo of current clients or employees interacting in some public service event. Image like that draws attention and receive more responses than simply text alone on an ad. Include text with. Text on an image offers the ability to create interest.

10. Do you have professional certification or awards? Be proud and show it, while at the same time using it as an opportunity to promote your business.

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When using Facebook to market your business, there are several tools available to you. Take advantage of the opportunities that are offered in personal Facebook profile.

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