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Ten Methods Using Facebook Advertising for Your Business

Does your small business need more customers, clients or patients? Are you research your online marketing options. Well let me tell you that Advertising and Marketing on Facebook is something that you do not want to overlook. Did you know that Facebook marketing and advertising is amazing in providing you the ability to select your particular target audience, monitor how well your ads are doing, and modify the ads as to responses you get. In order to achieve great results from Facebook Advertising, it only takes a few important steps…

1. Start With a Clear Goal. 2 very common goals are usually to generate sales directly from an advertisement or to create or improve awareness of your small business, all at the same time trying to build a contact email list for upcoming marketing efforts. Ideally your ad should be created with your objective main goal.

2. Selecting Your Targeted Geographic Area. Is your local area the only place where you do business? Are you offering and selling products that are able to be be shipped anywhere in your country or worldwide? With Facebook advertising, an advertiser is able to target local areas or any other areas or regions as needed.

3. Determine Your Demographics and Target Them. Facebook collects about its users; use it to your advantage because you can define your target market based on factors like age, gender, location, interests, or several other criteria. Combining that criterion allows you, the advertiser to be specific when you develop your advertisement for that target market.

4. Your Ad Can Be Directed to Your Existing Contacts. If you already have a customer or contact email list, then upload it. So basically any people on your contact list that are also Facebook members will see your ad.

5. Determine Your Budget or Spend. As an advertiser you are able to choose to run your ads continuously or perhaps for a particular time period. Also you can determine how much you are would like to pay. You can determine the maximum amount of money you want to spend per day.

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6. Use Good Images. Did you know that eye catching images receive much more interest and generate better response rates than ads that are just text only? Think about creating several ads with different images to review their effectiveness. Test the ads with a $1 a day ad spend, see which does best and run with it.

7. Utilizing The Facebook Ads Manager. The Facebook Ad Manager accumulates metrics on the responses you obtain to your Facebook ads and presents them to you in contrast to the goals you established when you started the campaign. Going over this available data, you will be able to make alterations to the ad campaign, modify the budget or target market or perhaps simply re-create the advertisement. Another thing to consider is that the Facebook Ad Manager is available to advertisers as a smartphone app too.

8. Conversion Tracking Usage. When utilizing the Conversion Tracking feature (Facebook pixel), you can place JavaScript code from Facebook and put it on your website that tracks visitors’ actions. That code sends data to Facebook, where it is compared with several prospect factors whom may have viewed or clicked on your ad. From this you will be able to determine how many people went your website or bought something after viewing your Facebook ad.

9. Post Boosts. Boosting a post is another form of advertising that is available. Boosting your Facebook page post causes it to go higher in the News Feed of the targeted ad recipients; this improves the probability that the boosted post (ad) will be viewed. You are able to boost any post you want, although it may be reviewed before going live.

10. Include Call to Actions. Telling your audience to do something is important, because if you don’t, they won’t. Sales people do not pitch prospects and hope they will decide to buy. Salespeople present the information and ask the prospect to do something like make the purchase. So do that in all the ads you create. To get responses, try including buttons or link to something and ask the prospect to respond. Some examples: “Like This Page,” “Click Here to Receive My Newsletter” or “Click Here to Buy.”

Following these ideas for your Facebook ads and expect a see good results from your advertising.

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